Wednesday, March 28, 2012

p.s. I became a mother

In the nearly a year I've been away from blogging, the most eventful happening around here was the arrival of this little elf.

l.e. delights and challenges and inspires and changes and makes me laugh every single day.  In case it isn't obvious from the picture above, she is also the most beautiful baby in the world!  (See further photographic evidence below.)

Although I had written here before about infertility and adoption, so much of our process felt private and uncertain that I kept quiet about her long anticipated arrival.  Now that she is here, I'm thrilled to introduce her!  I don't believe this space is about to become a "mommy blog", but motherhood occupies most of my thoughts these days and I'm sure I'll be writing about it from time to time.  Now you have a smiling face to put with the words.

p.p.s  Can I tell you how delighted I am to add "motherhood" as a post label?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

...and we're back

Things have been quiet around the little collection for some time.  This is in part due to some changes I felt  were necessary here, including moving the majority of my quilt blogging to Radiant Honey Quilts.  Once I did, I wondered, "Why blog here?"  Did this space still have a purpose?  So I stopped writing and thought about it.

In my time away, I found I wanted to write about the incidental things in my life that inspired or delighted, about little bits of beauty or creativity I discovered, and about moments I wanted to remember.   I thought of the bloggers I enjoy reading most who share a little glimpse of the best parts of their world and I wanted to do the same.

So, this space will continue to be a little collection of thoughts and things.  If you want to see my quilting I hope you visit here.  If you are a dear friend and want an update on my life, I hope you'll give me a call.  If you want a morsel of beauty, a tidbit of reflection or a recipe to try, I hope you'll stop back at the little collection again soon.