Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick sewing projects?

Here are last week's "quick" little projects that turned out to not to be "sew" quick projects due to...

(My block for the Pixiedust Gather at Bumble Beans.)

...drafting curving pattern pieces, then attempting machine curved piecing for the first time and fighting it all the way...


...attempting to figure out my rolled hem foot (anyone? I couldn't get it to work consistently), having threading problems (operator error or my NEW machine??? Argh!), bailing on the rolled hem and then fighting the bulk of the corners even after they were trimmed down (They weren't moving at the start of the seam. Is this normal?).

Shouldn't napkins be an easy sewing project??? Hemming four straight edges? It was a frustrating sewing day to say the least. Guess I will take my sewing machine sales shop on those free lessons soon.

Oh well. I love how the block for the Pixiedust Gather turned out and I love seeing homemade napkins when I open my kitchen drawer.

Good bye paper towels at the table! Yes, we were that high class. Call Martha Stewart if you must. Maybe she could show me how to use my rolled hem foot...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unexpected Benefits

Last night, I took the time to give myself a pedicure, a practically unheard of occurrence in my life. Ahhhh....the indulgent attention. I buffed. I massaged. I cuticle creamed. I trimmed and filed. I lacquered, and then re-lacquered my stubborn big toes. I watched a favorite movie while they dried. Perfection.

Flash forward to my walk home tonight through my 'hood where everyone was out enjoying the lovely in the streets with baseballs and bats, men playing at domino tables, ladies gossiping on front steps and in lawn chairs, teens chatting and texting, and endless groups of young men just hanging out. Hanging out and passing out compliments (or come-ons) of "God bless you, mami" or "beautiful" or "angelita" to every woman who walks by.

Tonight's compliment? "Beautiful toes."

Why thank you. Thank you for noticing.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm Home...

airing out camping gear...

auditioning fabric for a quilt back...

laughing at my funny cleavage tan
( swimsuit might have cut just a bit lower than my sunscreen coverage did)...

and missing my family.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Have sunglasses...will travel

Husbando is finished with his grad school program (Wahoooooooo!) and so we're heading off for a little va-cay with the familia. I'll be scarce around these parts for a while. Hope you are getting in some good-time summer fun yourself.


p.s. Fear not Ms. V...the Pixie Dust block is all planned and will be sewn up lickety-split upon my return. I haven't forgotten you!!!