Thursday, August 27, 2009

Unexpected Benefits

Last night, I took the time to give myself a pedicure, a practically unheard of occurrence in my life. Ahhhh....the indulgent attention. I buffed. I massaged. I cuticle creamed. I trimmed and filed. I lacquered, and then re-lacquered my stubborn big toes. I watched a favorite movie while they dried. Perfection.

Flash forward to my walk home tonight through my 'hood where everyone was out enjoying the lovely in the streets with baseballs and bats, men playing at domino tables, ladies gossiping on front steps and in lawn chairs, teens chatting and texting, and endless groups of young men just hanging out. Hanging out and passing out compliments (or come-ons) of "God bless you, mami" or "beautiful" or "angelita" to every woman who walks by.

Tonight's compliment? "Beautiful toes."

Why thank you. Thank you for noticing.


jenny said...

They do look quite nice!


ha! I can hear the calls! nice toes Mami! gotta love New york.

Megs said...

Uh oh! You made me notice how neglected my own little piggies look! Today... they will get some TLC.
My toes say, "thank you" for the reminder! LOL

Oh - when you have a moment, check out the Ladies of Grace posts on my blog (on Wednesdays) - my friend started a blog carnival after reading the book you sent me! So really... You helped create this little experiment!

J.B. said...

They are lovely. You'll have to bring your pedicure skills my way. . . .