Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After...

Yesterday was lovely! Friends, yummy dinner with a variety of shared dishes brought by said friends, games, a movie, good conversation and plenty of leftovers for all. After all that, the best part was when I got to talk to my sister while doing dishes.

I usually dread dishes, taking an approach to cooking and cleaning that Lollychops would describe as "Hurricane Andrea with FEMA (AKA hubby) disaster recovery", as she did in this post. (Btw, I made the cranberry sauce in that post and liked it much better than the canned stuff. Still pretty simple and traditional, but better.) However, last night I looked forward to the slow rhythm of doing dishes. To get to chat with hermanacita while I worked made it even sweeter.

came in for a round this morning, but here's what's still left.

I must admit to not minding this last batch too much, but I better get to it soon. I've started bread which will grow the pile and we haven't made dinner. Leftovers anyone?

And then there's this...

We did finally get some (ha!) laundry done yesterday and today after our basement and laundry room has been closed for repairs for nearly a week.

So back to the regularly scheduled program of cooking and cleaning. Perhaps we'll have a short word from our (crafting) sponsors later. 'Bye!


Alexis said...

Sounds hectic, yet lovely.

Anna said...

Nate and left feeling so content. It was a great Thanksgiving. Now, you deserve a spa day!

It was lovely being able to sit around and chat for longer than what we do at church.

We feel quite grateful to know you two.

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Sounds like a fabulous day - even the clean up. Thank you for your kind words on my blog - I really appreciate you taking the time - Amy

Amy said...

I leave dishes in the sink longer than a domesticated human should be allowed to. But lately, I've actually enjoyed the quiet time standing there, scrubbing. It's been like cleaning therapy... I'm sure it'll pass.

slmpetersen said...

Thanks for trying my cranberry sauce recipe from my guest blog over at lollychops. If you like that recipe you very may well like some of my others, please stop over for a visit.