Monday, April 5, 2010

Adirondack Daily Report

Dear Hermanacita-

Upon your request, following please find my report on the Adirondack daily. Suggestions included, in big sisterly fashion, at no extra charge.

When traveling by Amtrak, it is advisable that you:

1. Pack a lunch. Market manchego, local apples and fresh baked baguettes are much better than the pre-packaged, microwave-heated sandwiches offered in the (only occasionally open) dining car.

2. Do not, however, pack excess liquids. You will want to visit the lavatory as little as possible. Dehydration is your friend.

(Photo spot intentionally left blank. Your me.)

3. Enjoy the view. Farms...lakes...mountains...the surprising abundance of swimming pools in the Canadian suburbs.

4. Do nothing. When do you have hours to do nothing? Take advantage of it!

When you tire of that, kick your husband's trash at Scrabble.

5. Pack a camera with a speedy shutter. There will be (rare) occasions where the train will actually move at a fast clip...

...and you will want to catch those trainspotters striking modern-dance poses just outside of Albany.

(Do you think they are related to these S. Utah hoodoo dancers?)

6. Be grateful for a chance to get out and stretch your legs.

7. Notice things. Somethings will be right in front of you, seemingly mundane.

Other things will be un-photographable moments gliding past your window....gleaming copper sunsets...marshland swirled in foggy meringue...bold iron geometry of railroad bridges...diverging train tracks of ways not taken...golden glints of sunlight on a church steeple...curving tracks hugging the lake shore. You can't slow down, speed up, back-track, stop, use your flash or take another picture. Notice it as it just keeps slipping past your window, non-stop, the entire ride.

8. Finally, dream of your next trip by rail. Perhaps with one's favorite sister?

Respectfully submitted (with kisses) to a traveling kindred spirit,




J.B. said...

Gorgeous! So fun! Thank you. I can't wait to go on a long train ride with you.
- Hermanicita

J.B. said...

Oops, is it silly that I apparently don't know how to spell my own name? - Hermanacita