Thursday, July 29, 2010


These are the little bits of generosity I saw sprinkled through my day....

- A crook-neck squash, two tomatoes and a green pepper delivered by the gentleman across the street straight from his garden to my grandmother's doorstep, a cane in one hand and bag of fresh-picked produce in the other. What a generous friend!

- A walking path paved on private pasture land for the neighbors to have a nice place to exercise. An extra treat for me as I don't get to walk past lounging cows very often. What a generous neighbor!

- My aunt's open home and a spread of hamburgers, salads, rootbeer floats, homemade cookies and all the fixing compiled by family who gathered for a short-notice barbeque to enjoy one another's company, visit with us out-of-towners and just catch up. What a generous family!

- A little blue bird hanging in my grandmother's window which was custom-made by my cousin's lovely and creative wife. (If you want one too, look here. Aren't they fun?) What a generous gal!

- A stack of blocks-in-progress sewn by Grandma while I cut fabric for my next quilting project. What a generous grandma!

It has been the loveliest of days. What generosity did you see?


Jen said...

That is lovely! Sounds like a wonderful visit.

J.B. said...

My husband spent a good fifteen minutes chasing after roaches that were scuttling about our bedroom roof and walls while I squirmed and squealed in bed. What a generous husband. Your trip sounds good, too. We'll have to repeat when I can come.

Jen said...

sounds like a beautiful day indeed! we had a person stop for us in the street so my children and i could cross. we all had our arms full of stuff so it was much appreciated!