Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Three Reasons You Need Quilting Friends

1. They make you think about how to make your quilts the absolute best they can be today, without going crazy. While you all were right that unpicking would be insanity, it made the problem roll around my brain long enough to realize that a little unpicking might do the trick.

And it did.

2. They take you to sweet quilting events, like this quilt give away. All the families in temporary housing were delighted to receive their quilts.

Some couldn't wait until they got home to love on them.

3. They give you funny dreams, like the one I had last night about shop hopping with Amanda Jean and Shelly. Don't ask me why V & I were scheduled to fly home when these two were heading out. I'm sure if I'd slept a bit longer, we would have canceled all plane tickets and gone hog wild! Three days visiting fabric stores with these ladies??? Heaven! I woke up with a smile.

What do you love about your creative friends?


Lisa said...

I love my creative friends because the push me to see things in a different way. And it's safe because you know they are helping you expand your mind. They are always supportive and nuturing. Who doesn't need that! Love the way your "unpicking" came out. Looks great.

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

Hey Andrea! Your roses ROCK! ;-)
thanks so much for helpingme that day.. and holding my weepy hand!
;-) -I appredcaite you, my quilty friend... love the quilty dream!

amandajean said...

i'm glad that you found the happy medium between unpicking it all and leaving it less than satisfactory. sometimes a little bit of ripping is called for, isn't it? i just did that on one of my recent quilts. i took out a few lines and re-did them. and it was MUCH better. hurray! it seems that we are going through this same journey together, aren't we? another hurray for that. :)

Helen said...

I LOVE my quilting friends because they astonish me with their accomplishments and make me feel that I can do more than I realize. For example, I have been putting off using my new stitch regulator for free motion quilting for more than a year. Your splendidly quilted rose border blew me away, and I am now convinced that I need to jump in and just DO IT!