Thursday, July 29, 2010


These are the little bits of generosity I saw sprinkled through my day....

- A crook-neck squash, two tomatoes and a green pepper delivered by the gentleman across the street straight from his garden to my grandmother's doorstep, a cane in one hand and bag of fresh-picked produce in the other. What a generous friend!

- A walking path paved on private pasture land for the neighbors to have a nice place to exercise. An extra treat for me as I don't get to walk past lounging cows very often. What a generous neighbor!

- My aunt's open home and a spread of hamburgers, salads, rootbeer floats, homemade cookies and all the fixing compiled by family who gathered for a short-notice barbeque to enjoy one another's company, visit with us out-of-towners and just catch up. What a generous family!

- A little blue bird hanging in my grandmother's window which was custom-made by my cousin's lovely and creative wife. (If you want one too, look here. Aren't they fun?) What a generous gal!

- A stack of blocks-in-progress sewn by Grandma while I cut fabric for my next quilting project. What a generous grandma!

It has been the loveliest of days. What generosity did you see?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where I Lived and What I Lived For....

Contrary to the Thoreauvian writing that should follow such a title, this post will not recount adventures in building a house in the woods or growing beans or visiting friends in the village. In fact, if I were to recount where I lived for much of the past few months, I could only give a detailed description of the inside of a Manhattan office or the case files that spontaneously grew there or urgent visits to late night copy shops. As for what I lived for, well, it alternated between hanging on for weekend respites and anticipating good Asian delivery.

All said, however, this time reaffirmed my need to live deliberately and seek the essential elements of my life, which is Thoreauvian indeed. So, I am grateful to return here. Grateful that this space is a place where I can accept the mean and embrace the sublime.

And boy do I have a sublime quilting retreat to tell you about! Stay tuned...