Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Falling Leaves

This is my current sewing-on-the subway project.

Yes. It's "out of season", but it's my most transportable project and I am glad to be making a little progress on it.

In honor of Molly's question of Inspiration - Imitation - Innovation, here's a little background. The quilt that inspired this was all maple leaf blocks, with very large and orderly rows of leaves filling the center of a scrappy quilt. When I started sewing mine years ago, I wanted it to be just like that! But when I got it back out this year, I decided I want something more free-form, with a variety of wind-blown leaves tossed over the background fabric.

So...I'm adding applique and embroidery and words. What words, especially action words, do you think of when you think of falling leaves? I have twirl and float and fall...What else? Maybe crunch or dance? Can you even think of autumn things when you are dreaming of spring???


Marilyn said...

Hi, Andrea...I've really enjoyed my visit to your blog--your talents are many! This quilt is going to be great--love that you're adding descriptive words.
I'm happy that you stopped by to enter my OWOH giveaway and I discovered your blog:)

Philippa said...

Hi Andrea
Thanks for dropping my blog. Glad you liked the doilie covered tree. I just can't seem to get enough of it. I'm dreading the day they start to dismantle it and it won't be there on my walk to work each morning.
Love what you are doing with the fall leaves quilt, especially adding the words - really look forward to seeing more of it.
Hope you'll drop by my blog again.

ostrich girl said...

Back on my blog those lovers are doing whatever you see.I am happy though that you asked! I am so happy to know that the stuff I do gives people pause to think! Your work is beautiful and thankyou for compliments as well! Sheri DeBow A.K.A. ostrichgirl


SWiRiLiNg, TwIsTiNg, DaNcInG... indeed!

Amy said...

I can, because all you have to say is Autumn leaves and my cheeks feel cool (maybe 'rosy'?). Wool sweaters and fingerless gloves - orange and brown - oh how I love the Autumn.

I just know if I were on the subway and saw you embroidering or appliquing (how do you spell that?) I would sit next to you and start chatting...

Jessica said...

I do love autumn things all the time (of course you have to work on autumn things if you want them done for autumn next year!) I wish I had a subway commute-I would be so much more creative and less cranky in the morning!