Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Craft Hope Quilt & Limitations

When I decided to make a quilt for Craft Hope's project 5, I knew I'd be working with limitations, if for no other reason than my quilting budget's on the skinny. Along the way, I was reminded that limitations can be great at sparking creativity!

I knew I needed to use mostly fabric I already had, so I pulled out a scrap bag and started with a collection of funky pastel string scraps.

When it didn't make enough blocks, what else could I use? Other backgrounds? Nope, sticking with the scrap bag white.

Could I cut those blocks in half to make them go further?

Hmmmm....in spite of my flying geese love, like the squares better in this case.

Then, there's the "didn't measure twice and no more yellow fabric" limitation I created for myself.

That little strip of color made a big difference. I added it to the other "extra" blocks as well.

This morning, borders. I was quite sure I didn't have anything that would work. I've already been through my stash, but before I ran to the quilt shop, I looked again.

Odd. I tried this for one of the extra block in the middle and thought the color was wrong, but it works for the border.

Each step of the way involved experimenting, trying things out, searching through my stash. The limitations forced me to look at lots of options, come up with new ways to do things and then make decisions of what would be best for this quilt. I loved the creative process and the end result is turning out better than my original plans. I'm having so much FUN integrating a mix of fabrics, working with a balance a movement and stillness and finding new ways to use the focus fabrics! Who knew that limiting my options would improve both the process and the final design so much?

Hooray for quilting on the skinny, huh?


Nina Lewis said...

Great quilting on the skinny! You are so talented.

You'll have to see my grandma blog in about a week. I'm going to post pictures of the 3 baby quilts I'm making for Lisa. So, shhhhhhh don't tell her!


I bet it's fabulous! perhaps I can se it friday!??


Jen said...

Looks great so far. I can't wait to see the finished product!