Monday, November 9, 2009

True Wealth

Every now and then, my dad calls to tell me how rich he is.

This is the same man who periodically reminds me that he's trying to figure out how to be born to wealthy parents so he'll be set for life, so you can rest assured he's not talking about an investment portfolio or bank balance. No, when my dad says he's rich, it usually means he has an abundance of some delicious food at home, often stockpiled in the freezer.

Maybe live crawfish mailed in from Louisiana, just for a crawfish boil with his daughters.

Or enough of the best Utah peaches (yes, he has copious notes from various taste tests to prove it) in his freezer to provide peaches on his oatmeal all winter long.

Or the first strawberries ripening on the variety he read has the best strawberry flavor ever, but can't be commercially grown because they deteriorate too quickly. (For best results, pop it straight in your mouth once picked.)

(His strawberry starters.)

Yes, when my dad says he's rich, it almost certainly means food, and lots of it.

So tonight, I feel rich to have lots of my favorite, favorite crackers (recipe here) warm out of the oven.

Note: Even with a double batch, I think they're going to disappear quickly. I may have possibly eaten half a baking sheet since starting this post.


carolyn said...

nice post...we like crackers and Mr. loves flax so I'll give'em a go, thanks.

Amy said...

I think I'd like your dad.

Alexis said...

lovely! and now I have to make crackers!

Nina Lewis said...

Your dad IS fabulously wealthy! He has two wonderfully beautiful and talented daughters!

J.B. said...

Aren't we lucky to have been born into such wealth? I HEART YOU!

wv - leonstio: n - a psychological condition in which one believes oneself to be a large, carnivorous feline.

Jessica said...

Your dad sounds like a wonderful man--I think he (through you!) has taught me a lesson!