Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Free-Motion Quilted Quilt!

** Note: This was originally titled "First Machine Quilted Quilt". 'Twas not the truth. What I meant was this is my first big project that I've quilted using free-motion machine quilting, but that is simply too long for a title.
Apologies for any confusion.**

A few weeks ago, I finished the quilt for Craft Hope's project 5, but in the rush to get it out the door, I was lucky to get a any pictures of it, let alone post about it. Here's a belated peek at the final product.

I was finally able to figure out free-motion flowers for the white blocks! Yeah!!!

I was excited about doing some free-motion quilting on a real quilt, rather than a small quilted project, like a table runner, but it was definitely a learning process...

...designing a continuous line pattern and attempting it,
...laughing and how my quilting SO didn't match my design,
...figuring out why my tension was horribly off in parts and fine in others
(stitch length it seemed),
...unpicking and practicing a more consistent stitch length,
...modifying my design and trying again
...being satisfied with my flowers, but laughing out-loud again at the bizarre quilting lines in my ribbon borders. Oh well, something to learn on my next project.
...finally, enjoying how it all came together to make this cute quilt!

The front:
The back:

I think I like the back as much as the front! I loved adding the bits of color in the binding and the "ribbon" of color in the borders and on the back. Those woven ribbons are my new favorite detail!

Then off it went to Margaret's Hope Chest. What a cool charity! Wanna make them a quilt too?


beth said...

I love your quilt and those little strips you added!! great job!

May! said...

Gorgeous quilt! Its lucky recipient will be all warm and snug from the love you put into it. Also, the batting.

Nina Lewis said...

You are such a talented quilter!! I am totally impressed with this lovely quilt.

Amy said...

Good for you - taking the plunge into free motion. Fun, right? It looks great - I especially love the back!

J.B. said...

It is lovely. It almost makes me want to quilt for charity. For now, I will simply wildly support you in doing so. You have made some girl very happy, for shore.

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Jessica said...

Absolutely, absolutely beautiful!!

junebug said...

Amazing quilt! Congratulations.