Saturday, December 12, 2009

Moments: Creating order

Creating sometimes seems to make only chaos.

(The same bed from yesterday's post on peace...12 hours later.)

Creating sometimes makes delicious order.

(When in doubt for dinner, hubby's omelets are a sure bet! With leftover squash? Yum!)

p.s. Does eating a banana with my ice cream pie make my breakfast healthy? Someone needs to buy cereal...and bread...and T.P. around here. Guess that's me! Bye for now.


Pascale said...

hmm, omelet! - I haven't had any in years, because one of our girls is allergic to eggs, but it used to be a favorite when we needed something quick (with tomatoes and fresh herbs...yum!)

Jessica said...

Omelets are my favorite comfort food!

jen b said...

hehe love your addition at the end. someone around here...