Friday, October 29, 2010

Top Ten Things to Do as an Auntie

(Bean all bundled up.)

10. Be in awe of your beautiful, strong sister as she calmly takes on motherhood.

9. Giggle a little that at times the Bean's breathing does indeed sound like a CPAP machine.

8. Volunteer for diaper duty.

7. Knit booties.

(Gratuitous bootie shot.)

6. Interrupt dinner-making every 3-4 minutes to kiss these sweet cheeks. (Mid-nap cooing requires an immediate response.)

(When she stretches, she barely fits in this basket, little long-legged girl.)

5. Watch everyone just fall in love with her.

(Bean and her great-grandma.)

(First-time Grandpa.)

4. Wonder how her little ears and her silky, curly-when-just-bathed hair grew so perfectly.

3. Cheer when she kicks, stretches her long legs out straight or focuses her eyes on something for more than a second.

(Bet you wish you had an alligator work-out suit.)

2. Spend inordinate amounts of time in one's pj's.

1. Smell her sweet, sweet baby smell while snuggling with this little bundle napping on my chest.

Welcome to the world baby Bean. This auntie is smitten!


Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

AWWWWH!!!! She's beautiful!!! AUNTIE!!!! ;-) hugs!

Lisa said...

So cute! There is nothing like a baby sleeping on your chest. Enjoy her! ox

Megs said...

Adorable! I used to nanny for a little girl that everyone called "the bean" - it's a good nickname! :)
Isn't it fun being an aunt?! I love it... And as they get older, you're kind of like a grandparent - you can spoil them rotten, always be the "good guy," and you'll still be young enough to be considered somewhat "cool." Enjoy it!
(And yes... I'm looking into an alligator workout outfit. That could really step up my exercising... LOL)

Rene' said...

Oh, Andrea, what a sweetie! Lovely pictures and great Top Ten! Your niece is very lucky to have such an adoring auntie!

Alexis said...

Congratulations Auntie!

Helen said...

TEN is what I rate this posting.

Best wishes to all!

Jessica said...

congratulations auntie~~ those booties are adorable!

shellysquilts said...

Hey Andrea, She sure is pretty. It looks like you had a great time kissing on that new baby. Luv the bootie shot! Have a great weekend my friend!

Jen said...

oh andrea!!! she is beautiful. i'm sure you are the best auntie there ever was. enjoy your time!!! xoxo

Carol E. said...

Congratulations, Auntie!! She is beautiful! Ilove your tribute to her. Indeed, one can fall in love with a baby in an instant. Love how you highlighted all the love moments. I'm in awe of her curled up legs and feet. Wow! Looks like a tall little girl.

JN Designs said...

She is precious!

amandajean said...

What an adorable little one! Congrats to your entire family. This was a great post! :)

rosemeg said...

Oh man -- being an auntie is the BEST! Glad you are getting in some good snuggle-down time. Many, many congratulations to your family and you and to the littlest bean for being so loved.

Nina said...

You forgot one thing. You need to occasionally lift up her little bean eyelids and peer deeply into her eyes when she is sleeping. It's something that will endear you to her mother . . .

You're a terrific auntie!