Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Design and Play with Metro Mod Quilters

I'm really digging the Metro Mod Quilters' Guild. Here's a peek at a project I participated in for last months meeting.

Jessica made this from a scrap exchange...

She mentioned loving the scrap with the tiny little crumb strips in it. (Can you find it?) I liked the improvised sense, the bright colors and that same little detail. I found it interesting, but wasn't swooning. That makes it a good play project. (When I get overly precious about something, I'm not always able to think outside the box and PLAY.)

When I sat down to work on it, I had a few "rules":
1. Only use fabric I already have.
2. Somehow echo the design elements that are already there.
3. Include more little strips, since Jessica loved them.

Here are the strips....

I kept thinking "borders", but ultimately decided that instead of framing the entire quilt, the borders could echo the block design. I put them on only two sides, making Jessica's piece the cornerstone of one big block. Here's how it turned out...

I went from thinking "interesting" to "love, love, love"! I so enjoyed the process, just experimenting with design and color, rather than focusing on the final product.

Check out what V did with it next!


Jessica said...

oh yeah~
I loved it too! I was stuck and you fixed it. Now the quilt has taken a life of its own. Can't wait to see the next installment. Thank you for adding to it~

Lisa said...

This is such a fun little project! I am in line to get it after Helen. I can't wait to see what Helen does; I have a few ideas, but can't really know until I see the next step.

rosemeg said...

Cooooool! I have been thinking a lot about playing lately -- in work, in movement, in life. How great to have the creativity and motivation of others cheering you on. The exquisite corpse writing game, as well as the drawing version (draw the head, fold it over, pass it along), were my favorite all-you-need-is-paper-and-pen games as a child, and it's great to see this beautiful, most grown up version.

Terriaw said...

I love how each block really looks layers over the one above, giving this project so much dimension and movement. Looks like such a fun project to work on. Definitely a great way to challenge yourself.

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

Your did fabulous Andrea! it is going to be such a cool quilt!
Helen just had it too, see here:

amandajean said...

that is so very cool! i love the teeny tiny strips. just looking at these photos makes me want to play, play, play!

sometimes it's hard for me to get out of my box, but this seems like a good practice to start the ideas rolling.

and one last thing. i totally know how it goes, to be able to let some things go and to keep other projects in your clutches because they are precious to you. I just passed along a center block (about 20") to a friend to let her do a round robin treatment to it. i was stuck with what to do with it for a few years, so i figured why not? i'm excited to see what becomes of it!