Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter and Creating

This past Easter Sunday found me in desperate need of some rest. The few days previous had been filled with worry and late nights working on logistics for a fundraising event which I'm excited to help plan. So instead of pursuing a few invitations to celebrate socially,
we stayed home.

I made my traditional "Easter" bread very late in the day. (We ate it warm from the oven at 10:30 pm...all gooey, melty deliciousness.)

I sewed a signature block for my friend Victoria.

I basked in the loveliness and fragrance of the lilies which the hubster bought me for our anniversary last week and which have been blooming like mad ever since then.

I rested.

I may have also giggled a time or two about the comment I heard at church about the Easter Bunny representing the religious side of Easter because, as prolific pro-creators, bunnies are symbolic of new life. Maybe so...but I don't know that I'd share that Easter morn to the whole congregation.

A little bit of rest, a touch of humor and some quiet creativity brought me new life this weekend. It may not be the New Life we typically talk about around Easter,
but I'm grateful all the same.


Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

Fabulous! that's my kind of weekend, some yummy food, and good sleep and some sewing! I love my block!!! PINK!!!

J.B. said...

The flowers are gorgeous, the bread is tantalizing, and Mormons are so weird sometimes. Love it, but I love you more.

Nifty Quilts said...

This post and last are beautiful. Don't know how I'd missed them until now. Very inspiring. Thanks.