Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grateful heart

1. Sharing one umbrella yesterday with the hubster as we dashed around the city. (This photo
reminds me of this feeling...)

2. Looking forward to seeing family.

3. Discovering that unpicking was worth it!

4. Knowing a dear friend and I were both reserving a special time to be together. Hooray for weddings!

5. The A/C re-installed and all installation chaos cleaned up.

6. Snuggling.

7. Late church.

8. Sunshine on a Sunday morning.

9. A little more green on the trees every single day this week. (How do they do that? It's like magic and a reminder to me of to the power of small consistent efforts!)

10. Whole Foods "Mom's Chicken Soup". A little more broth + noodles = tonight's instant dinner.

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