Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter and Creating

This past Easter Sunday found me in desperate need of some rest. The few days previous had been filled with worry and late nights working on logistics for a fundraising event which I'm excited to help plan. So instead of pursuing a few invitations to celebrate socially,
we stayed home.

I made my traditional "Easter" bread very late in the day. (We ate it warm from the oven at 10:30 pm...all gooey, melty deliciousness.)

I sewed a signature block for my friend Victoria.

I basked in the loveliness and fragrance of the lilies which the hubster bought me for our anniversary last week and which have been blooming like mad ever since then.

I rested.

I may have also giggled a time or two about the comment I heard at church about the Easter Bunny representing the religious side of Easter because, as prolific pro-creators, bunnies are symbolic of new life. Maybe so...but I don't know that I'd share that Easter morn to the whole congregation.

A little bit of rest, a touch of humor and some quiet creativity brought me new life this weekend. It may not be the New Life we typically talk about around Easter,
but I'm grateful all the same.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Grateful heart

1. Sharing one umbrella yesterday with the hubster as we dashed around the city. (This photo
reminds me of this feeling...)

2. Looking forward to seeing family.

3. Discovering that unpicking was worth it!

4. Knowing a dear friend and I were both reserving a special time to be together. Hooray for weddings!

5. The A/C re-installed and all installation chaos cleaned up.

6. Snuggling.

7. Late church.

8. Sunshine on a Sunday morning.

9. A little more green on the trees every single day this week. (How do they do that? It's like magic and a reminder to me of to the power of small consistent efforts!)

10. Whole Foods "Mom's Chicken Soup". A little more broth + noodles = tonight's instant dinner.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quilting for others

In our Metro Mod guild, round robins are becoming a favorite. This was one of the first and a few others are in the works. At the February meeting, David brought this and asked if anyone wanted to add to it.

It looked like stained glass and I could envision a rose window above it. So, I took it.

After learning paper piecing for Victoria's Christmas Flower block for the bee...

...I thought I'd try paper-piecing for this too. It was a bear figuring out how to design and sew such a huge paper-pieced section, but in the end it turned out just fine!

It was declared "done" by the group and passed to Kim who wants to quilt it.

The best part was seeing the picture posted by Victoria in her guild meeting post. I was so busy showing and telling, I missed David's reaction! Sometimes, with a little luck, you just get it right. I love it when that happens!