Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friendship making it happen!

Photo at M.'s company's NYC debut concert, 2007.

Dinner last night included: three friends, one birthday, two farewells, three unknown futures (aka adventures), one heartache, a good measure of laughter, a few secrets, lots of listening, a variety of perspectives, not enough spring rolls.

Three and a half years ago, the three of us came together as Mormon modern dancers in the Big Apple. Together, we formed an Artists' Circle to make things happen. Now both of these friends are leaving within only a few weeks of one another, perhaps to return next summer, perhaps not. So I look back at what this time has brought....

We made things happen! The short version? We self-produced three shows in three years (with all that entails...publicity, fundraising, rehearsing, etc. etc.), choreographed various independent projects and created teaching opportunities locally, out-of-state and internationally. But between those professional endeavors, we shared things much more valuable...brunch in the park, early morning studio time, hospital visits, dessert, a sounding board for professional problems, baby-sitting, inspiration, a listening ear for personal struggles, picnics, subway rides, ideas and a bit of our hearts.

On the street corner by my apartment, well after midnight, wrapping up our conversation as we have after so many other late night subway rides, M. expressed it best. We are blessed to have found each other and will forever be different people for having known one another. As they are leaving, I think about the gifts they have given me that could have only come from them and I agree. I am a different person from having known them. Our Artists' Circle friendship made something happen, something within.

Blessings to you both! Hope we're dancing and talking and eating together soon!



that's so nice! you guys did a lot in three years! in NYC it takes a lot of drive to accomplish that feet. Good job!

Anna said...

Now that is true friendship. Good friends leave you better than when you first met them. What a wonderful group of friends!

Amy said...

You'll always have Paris... wait ... you know what I mean.