Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Janome 6600

What shall I call her? Wanda the Workhorse? Jean the Machine? Ooh, I like that one. Any other ideas?

Name or not, she is being broken in. I love her! I get more and more excited to do the next project...and the next...and the next! The first thing I worked on was this top in progress:

I pulled one of the "block of the month" blocks I won at the guild meeting and just started improvising. (Thanks V for sharing your improvising.) Decided to throw in the white rose blocks I had in my stash and whatever else struck my fancy. Then, hubby and house guests came home, so it was set aside. I think I need some more structured blocks to connect that BOM block and I don't know what else. We'll see.

Sewed the binding on my little table runner this morning. Note to self: If you decide to try sewing on the binding before something is squared up/trimmed down (which someone suggested, but I can't remember why...stability?), please don't cut off the edge of the corner binding when you do trim it up.

Sigh. Oh well. Repairs have been made and she's all ready to have her binding stitched down during my commute today. She'll be out in my entryway just in time for the 24th of July!

Have a lovely day, y'all! (Yep. Y'all. When you stitch Americana and anticipate a pioneer holiday, your inner Westerner just slips out!)



Hey dearie! The runner looks great. and what is this little improvised block??? Your a girl after my own sewing heart! go for it! Improvise away!

Liz said...

Jean the Machine is a rocking name!
I think you might need to make up a song about her that you can sing whilst sewing (or would that be too much?).

Amy said...

Glad y'all are digging your new machine!

Beverooni said...

How awesome!

I like Jean the machine but maybe Queenie the Quintessential Quilter?

jenny said...

Looks like you are enjoying your new toy! You truly do amazing work!

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

Jean the it! have fun!