Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Traveling, traveling...

I'm heading off to a wedding. Be back in a week or so, but look what I have waiting for me at home....




have fun at the wedding.
have fun with your new toy!!!

Megs said...

Wow! You sure are busy this summer - seems like you're always leaving!
And a new sewing machine?! How fun! I just got my first one - I'm still working on the pillow... Work got busy and I haven't had time to finish it... But I will post pics of my VERY FIRST creation when it's done! LOL
Have fun at the wedding!

Anna said...

Hey! Hope you're having fun at the wedding. We've missed you out here.
I'm thinking of when we can get together for cookie night...hmmmm.

My word verification is "Ackbagg". Kind of sounds like another word for those bags they give you on the airplane in case you get sick.

Amy said...

It's like Christmas in July!

Are we still on for next week?