Thursday, July 30, 2009

The power of a phone call

Today I called a friend I serve with about "business." She said to me at the end of the call that I am the only person from church who regularly calls her. I felt instantly guilty because I usually call her when "business" needs to be attended to. Shouldn't I be calling because she is my friend?

It made me think of another friend I haven't really talked to in a while and I decided to call. We talked for only 8 minutes. (Cell phones details....) As we were saying goodbye, she said thank you too. She expressed that she doesn't feel like she has many friends, which surprised me. She is kind, generous and loved by many people. How does she not feel it?

How often do I assume those I care about know it, focus on my own problems, or think a small little thing like an 8 min. phone call is insignificant? All the time, to tell the truth. Tonight reminded me that showing it, in small ways, is how people know I care about them. Its how they feel it. And it is how I know I care about them, too.

It feels good.



unfortunately email is taking place of that phone call. Good to make the effort though. it's easy to get isolated, even in NYC! Hi lady!

Alexis said...

Thanks for reminding me how welcome phone calls can be. I'm off to make some now!

christine said...

What a thoughtful post...this is my first visit..I was drawn over by the photo that appeared in Bumble Beans blog list...can you tell me the name and location of the fountain? thank you.


Jessica said...

A couple of weeks ago I went and took a walk and felt called to phone some friends from high school I hadn't talked with for a while. I think I walked miles as I chatted with them and we caught up. I don't know why I hadn't called them in so long-it made my day.

Ryan, Alisha and Grace said...

I agree with you whole heartily! When Ryan first left for Boston(actually to whole time 10 months) I can't tell you how totally lonely I was. I was the one doing the phone calls. I dare say I received many from family or friends just checking on me. It was a very difficult time. One which I could have really felt like I had a little support with. One thing it taught me was to take notice of those around me who might be struggling and try not to forget them. I think this world is getting a little more lonely becasue a simple phone call has been replaced with impersonal texts and e-mails. So guilty of that. In some ways it has helped to at least keep up on people but your right "never underestimate the power of a phone call". By the way how are you? We hope to get together with you soon. WE are closer than ever now!

Anonymous said...

oh, I really liked this. for some reason, I don't really like talking on the phone. Yet, every other method of communication (except blogging) is so impersonal. this was a great reminder to dial those digits once in while - especially to family.

ps. thanks for kind comment today on my blog : )