Saturday, July 26, 2008

NYC Realities

Ree over at Pioneer Woman is always talking about keeping it real. So here's keeping it real for NYC.

We are on a mouse hunt.

The reality is if you live in a NYC apartment, at some point you are going to see a mouse or a cockroach or some other unpleasant critter in your house (like the horrendous moth infestation a friend had after never seeing a mouse or roach? What's that about? Moths?)

Anyway, it has been a long, LONG time since we had seen ANYTHING unpleasant in our home. (Huge sigh of relief!) I was beginning to take it for though my fantastic house-wifely skills (imagine Ms. June Cleaver smiling in our kitchen, apron and all!) finally fortified our house completely against any intruders of any kind.

Apparently not.

Darn it! It was a truly lovely fantasy. Oh, I want it back!

No, reality is that it hasn't been just one mouse that's entered our house! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! We have caught all of them, (most of them in direct correlation to prayers by my sister on our behalf...or the mouse's behalf....or if it were on the mouse's behalf, would it be keeping the mouse safe from said hunters such as ourselves? How does that work?)

Although we have caught all of them, not all of them shall we say this delicately? Whacked dead and dumped down the incinerator. No. One of them is an escape artist! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! He apparently dragged himself, trap and all under our fridge where he pried himself free. (Why do I respect that kind of determination in a person, but hate it in a mouse?)

I'm just hoping the whole experience scared the living day light out of him and he's run for the hills....or at least the neighbors...never to return here. Or that we catch him again soon. You can pray on whoever's behalf either way. Please do, especially little sis.

p.s. I usually LOVE photos on a blog, but when I looked up pictures of mice....couldn't do it, not any of them. Not the cute pet pictures, not the caught in a trap/cat's mouth pictures, not the close ups of their faces, nada. Not when I want them dead and out of my house! Feel the same way about the "cute" movie Ratatouille....all those RATS in the KITCHEN!!!!! Get them OUT of there! Eeeeeeeeeew! May you never have to worry about catching a mouse in your house!

I'll pray for you.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

it's horrible, so sorry. I did have a mouse once, but it was easy to trap and it brought me to tears. Any friend have a cat you could borrow? just that cat smell in an apartment might help to keep the mice away.

jenny said...

I am sooo sorry. We get mice that fall into our window well and I have told Adam that if they ever get in the house we are moving!! I hope you are done with the nasty creatures!!

Kellie said...

We had a mouse last winter! I could not sleep until that thing was out!