Sunday, July 20, 2008

Secret Project -- Revealed!

Finally! Here is a pic of the quilt I made my sister! The indoor lighting is a bit dark at the top, but it gives you an idea. There are more details on the quilt and the process of making it (from fabric selection to assembly frustrations to completed quilt top) over at Lazy Gal if you want more info or to peak at a bunch of other fun quilts in process.

Hmmm.....technically, this isn't a quilt yet, just a top! Didn't get it quilted in time for the wedding, but at my sister's request we just folded it up so the raw edges didn't show and displayed it anyway . It certainly was fun to make!!!

Hermancita was BEAUTIFUL yesterday. What a lovely bride! Hope you had a lovely Sabbath all!


jenny said...

WOW!!! You are so talented! I should have looked at it closer. Good job!


Found your blog through lazy gal...
This quilt is amazing! really beautiful. I'm a NYC'er too!