Monday, January 5, 2009

Beauty is a thing Divine

In the desire to recognize and share beauty more abundantly.....

A CRAZY ORDER by Jude Hill, featured in this post of her blog, Spirit Cloth.
(The photo is Jude's, used with her permission and under the Creative Commons License.)

Tonight there are not many words. Simply, Jude inspires me and I love this piece...the moons, the trees, the fabric with history. The reasons and explanations are still percolating. So, tonight, I'll let them percolate.

I invite you to slip into either of her blogs (Spirit Cloth and what if?) for more beauty and inspiration of your own.


jude said...

hey thank you so much. what a nice gift for me.
happy happy new year.

Amy said...

That is a beautiful piece of art. Thank you for the links.