Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tagged...about a decade ago!

I felt like I got initiated to the blogging "cool crowd" when I was tagged by two different people within days of each other, oh...about 2 months ago. I know not everyone feels this way about tagging, and maybe after doing it once or twice you're done forever, but it made me happy.

In spite of said happiness, it did take me months to respond. If you want to read my response, carry on. If not, check back tomorrow for a recipe or craft or some other musings. Without further ado.....

Great 8 Tag......

8 Relatively Recent Reads (no T.V., so no fave shows)

1. The Book Thief
2. Esther's Inheritance
3. The Secret Life of Bees
4. Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
5. The Road
6. The Richest Man of Babylon (and The Small Investor)
7. The Brothers K
8. First Things First

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Performed!!! :)
2. Slept in.
3. Folded laundry and did dishes.
4. Complained about having to do mundane things like laundry and dishes on a Saturday.
5. Visited a friend whose daughter is in the hospital.
6. Ate the soup I made Friday.
7. Prayed....more than once. (See No. 1)
8. Ate a MASSIVE bowl of dulce de leche ice cream before I went to bed.

8 Things to Look Forward To

1. Going home for Women's Conference in May!!! It is a serious female reconnecting time in my family.
2. Next steps toward becoming a mother.
3. Lunch with Jessi, a friend who returned to the city after being away for many years!
4. Finishing my quilt guild project, my Birds in Flight quilt and my nine-patch quilt.
5. Making breakfast with hubby tomorrow morning...eggs, hashbrowns, bacon...the works!
6. Chocolate chip cookies later tonight.
7. Performing again this spring in a project I am very excited about.
8. Tuesday's inauguration!!!

8 Favorite NYC Restaurants or Food Places

1. LaVain Bakery. Oh my goodness! Can you say chocolate chip COOKIE???
2. Boca Chica. Pan-Latino. Yummy black bean dip & plantain chips, pureed sweet potatoes, chicken, beans and rice.
3. Hummus Place. Well, hummus of course! But it's the pita's that sold me.
4. Grimaldi's Pizza. Still has the best pizza in the city in my book.
5. Pure Dark. Dark, and only dark chocolate. And they give samples of anything you'd like to try!
6. Flor de Mayo. Sort-of greasy spoon Peruvian/Chinese place. Go figure. Best rotisserie chicken ever!
7. Cupcake places (Batch -- salted caramel cupcake, Buttercup Bakery (east side) -- Red Velvet, Magnolia -- chocolate and vanilla)
8. Pomodoro's. Italian on the UWS.

8 Things on My Wishlist

1. More casual pants. Jeans are great, but.....
2. Deep colored, solid fabric for a heart quilt.
4. A copy of the cook book "The Bread Bible: 300 Favorite Recipes"
5. A bit more enthusiasm and discipline for my day-to-day work.
6. Beautifully knit sweaters out of luxurious yarn.
7. More time everyday for the things I love.

Don't know who's already been tagged about a billion times, hates tagging, has already done this etc., but I can't help but invite these fun folks to join. Know I was thinking of you, consider you part of the cool crowd and haven't seen a "tag" or "list" etc. on your blog recently. If you don't wanna play this game, I raise a cookie in your honor anyway.

1. J.J.
2. Turkeycookies
3. Southern Fried Homies
4. Knot Sew Crafty
5. Commonplace
6. Bumblebeans
7. mayiwrite
8. chikaustin


Alexis said...

Thanks so much! I'm happy to participate.

May! said...

I'm on this. It might take a little while to get around to it, though. I'm going to have to try some of places you mentioned!

J-Bear said...

Sigh. My wishlist has a similar ring to it. At least for one out of the eight, but it's obviously the most important one anyway. I heart you.

Amy said...

I hope the performance went well...


hey! wow that's some list. I say we meet for cupcakes, and get AMY from commonplace down here too! And I"ll give you my 8 in person. I go that quilt book sat. for the quilt you made your sister. thanks!

Jessica said...

Oh, thanks so much for tagging me!