Monday, January 19, 2009

Sacred Text

I am dancing in a new work by a modern/contemporary choreographer examining foundations in our lives. The piece draws on images from an article about the collapse of Wall Arch in Arches National Park last year, sacred text and the individual spiritual journeys of our religiously diverse cast. This is my first project explicitly connecting my spiritual life and my work as a dancer. What an interesting process!

Delicate Arch, 2004

As part of this, I am creating a short section of movement based on this statement from personal writing in rehearsal:

"I stand on what I've been taught...and I stand away from it."

I've been reflecting on what this means and why is it significant to me at this point in my life. Something about examination, heritage, tradition, finding my own way, honoring the past... What else does this statement suggest?

The surrounding landscape in Arches Nat'l Park

I would love to hear your thoughts. What images or ideas does it evoke? Is there sacred text you could share from your personal reading or religious tradition that ties into those ideas? Perhaps a meditation, a scripture, an essay, a teaching, an article or something else altogether? I would love to read them all as you are such insightful, diverse bloggers! Your comments inspire me, big or small! Hope you have an inspiring day...

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Amy said...

What an interesting project.

Standing with our traditions - and away from them... first thing that comes to mind is my mother. Her parenting. All the things I wish to emulate and those I choose to change...