Monday, September 7, 2009

Foundations of a good marriage

Husband-o: (Eying the last bite of sandwich in one hand and his last chip in the other...serious internal debate occurring.) Which one should be the last bite?

Me: The sandwich. (Pointing to the still 1/2 full bag of chips on the table.) If that's just not satisfying, there are still more chips to munch.

H.: (Smiling.) Brilliant.

Me: Aren't you glad you married me?

H.: You enrich my life every day.

Yes, indeed.


Liz said...

The wonderful wisdom of women! Where would men be without it?!

J.B. said...

See, sometimes it's helpful to tell them what to do. We have such great perspective. I'm not sure Wonderman always sees it like that.

Jessica said...

It couldn't have been said better!