Friday, September 4, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

Anyone else putting one of these together for IBOL?

(Click here to check out the project)

Here's my growing pile...some large folds of cotton, some decorator weight, some yarn, some smaller folds for color (do only quilters love fat quarter sized bits and pieces?), some thread....

Don't you want to help???

Raid your stash this weekend and get a bundle in the mail by the 8th. You can't go wrong sending fabric to someone who wants to sew, for heavens sake. Right?


Carol E. said...

Wasn't that fun??? I ended up sending 3 boxes. I, too, wondered if the small pieces would be useful. But they can make bibs and little toys, too... so I chose to believe IBOL Guy who says "everything will be used."

Alice said...

Andrea, sweet Andrea! I am so glad I found your blog via Julianne's. Pretty much you are awesome and I often wonder how things are going with you! So glad I now can know.