Sunday, June 8, 2008

Civil War Round the World Quilt - WIP

I began this quilt several years ago, got as far as making the strips and then stashed it when I realized it would bigger than the end of the hall wall where I planned on hanging it. (I seem to have a penchant for not quite comprehending the finished size of a project I start, like this wall hanging I made for my Grandma. I thought I would make four baskets until I realized that ONE basket was almost 16 inches across!)

In any event, I recently picked the strips back out of the box and started piecing it and finally finished the center medallion last night. It will have a wide dark purple border (like the edge triangles) and be a large wall hanging size. I like it, but haven't decided it I like it "hang it on my wall" like it. Will it work in my living room or is it destined for someone else's wall? Time will tell.

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