Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Labor of Love: Secret Project for Hermanacita

My lovely little sister is getting married, hence the heart picture above. After picking her brain a bit, making her look at pictures of quilts (an activity Grandma and I love and she mostly tolerated because it was related to a gift for her) and settling some of the ideas rolling around my brain, I have finally purchased fabric and am excited to get started. In case Hermanacita is reading this, I will post all of my progress here. No peeking Lil Sis! All the rest of you are welcome to check out how things go over there. (My postings are under Andriann.)

I'm excited! I've never done such a free form project should be fun! When it's all done, I'll post some pics here too. Tee hee....I love a secret project!

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