Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finished Object: Trick or Treat! Hide and Seek!

Here's the tablerunner that Melissa selected for her giveaway prize and it is finished and in the mail heading north, along with a few small goodies. Hope she likes it! :)

Hmmmm....seeing it posted is a good way to step back and really look at it. Can see that it is more weighted in blacks on the left. Guess that's what a design wall is for and what happens when you are just free-wheeling it! Oh well, I like it anyway! Hooray for my first giveaway.


carolyn said...

I like it. and didn't notice any balance issues.
Thanks for your kind words. All's well here except for the seatbelt bruise but that's fading. I'm off to Nevada to get the vote out. Can't wait for the spare change swap, thanks for the heads up on that.

Amy said...

AmandaJean over at crazymomquilts says that she takes a digital photo of her quilt tops before she sews them together - says that the photo reveals color and tonal stuff - I guess it's instead of a design wall

but the runner looks great to me!

jenny said...

You are so talented! Good job.