Friday, October 24, 2008

Having a Stay-cation this weekend.

Just a little note to say I'm going off the air for a few days because MY SISTER IS COMING TO TOWN!!!! Shouting I know, but I am just that excited. I hope to spend every extra moment hugging and chatting and baking and and movie watching and game playing and city walking...or just nothing at all as long as she is the one I am doing it with! Plus, we finally get to really hang out with and get to know her new hubby. Oh, I am so excited!

Have you all have a lovely weekend too!


Amy said...

I hope it's perfect! I'll send you a note when I'm coming to town - probably Tuesday or Thursday.

BrendaS said...

Are you a Corner Gas fan? or has that term filtered up (down?) into popular culture in NYC? google Corner Gas if you've never seen it -- a Canadian comedy series set in small town Saskatchewan. If you're a fan, let me know and I'll send you a photo from my summer visit to the set. have a fun weekend!

Ryan, Alisha and Grace said...

Hope you have a blast with your sis! Were on our own little vaca of sorts this weekend!