Thursday, September 11, 2008

1st Ever "Cupcake Award"

Photo by Kelly Sue DeConnick, used under Creative Commons Lic.

Cupcakes are the epitome of sweetness! They are just the right size to bring the perfect amount of joy...

So, in honor of someone who was excessively sweet, the first "little collection cupcake award" goes to.....(drumroll please.....)

Carol at Giraffe Dreams!
I participated in her red and white challenge, and when my blocks arrived after she drew for her give-away prize, she decided to send a little something to me too! When it arrives, I will be sure to post about it here!

Thanks Carol for your sweetness!


4patch said...


jenny said...

That cupcake looks delish! You are so talented with your quilting and everything else.

Carol E. said...

Yummy! thank you for the wonderful award!