Saturday, September 6, 2008

Made Me Inexplicably Happy...

Working on blocks for Clare over at Quilts for Leukemia yesterday and today did just that!

Clare makes quilts for children who have been diagnosed with Leukemia from blocks made by quilters from around the world. She sends each quilt on to one little person with Leukemia. The blocks are all red and white (symbols of healthy, vibrant blood cells, yes?) and are all so different and beautiful. I initially wrote off the possibility of participating. "Send them to France??? I'll never get around to that."

Then Carol at Giraffe Dreams issued a challenge. Somehow I was hooked. Double charity good? She'll send 'em to France? Use up leftover red and white from my Irish chain? "Done".

Started with one checkerboard was too small so I cut it in half to make two, adding a white background and border. It just needed a bunny hopping up the hill, don't you think?
Makes me think of my sister's bunny from when we were kids.

And this one and the "love" block above. The didn't start out wonky, but with some seam allowance differences and the need for another border, I decided to play with wonky. I like 'em!

Then I had enough strips to make some new checkerboards, but since everything else had embroidery, thought it needed just a touch of embroidery too.

The red work embroidery was so fun to do I think I am going to talk my Grandma into doing a red work quilt with me. (What do you think Grandma??? :) In fact, I was so excited and concerned about getting them to Carol on time, I woke up at 4:45 am Friday morning and thought, maybe I should get up and start working on them NOW to make sure they're finished before work! (I am NOT a morning person. In fact, my father thinks I am completely unaware that the day even exists before 8 am! So you know I was excited.)

So thank you to Clare and Carol for doing something good and giving me the chance to be a part of it! It truly made my day!!!

p.s. What other fun things would go with my bunny if I were to revisit this design in the future? Suggestions anyone?


Chellese said...

It was so so fun to see your comment on my blog. I am grateful for this crazy, weird, wonderful thing called blogging - for the connections it makes possible. So good to check in on you and all the great things you are doing.

Clare said...

Andrea - they are beautiful. Make sure that Carol sends me the love and hope ones LOL!