Saturday, September 27, 2008

Beautiful Quilt & a Cupcake Award

When I first heard about Tina's giveaway, I thought it was too good to be true. Who makes a quilt, in fact a different quilt each month, and then gives it away on her blog? Tina at Dragonfrye News is who. Even once I won the drawing I thought, no body really does this!!! For a brief moment my suspicious paranoid New York perked up and declared "It's a scam! Some one is going to ask for my address to "send me a quilt" then really trace it to my credit card bills and social security benefits and....and....and....." But no. Just an adorable quilt in the post! Don't you agree?

I loved it in the picture on her site and I love it even better in person. Some of the fabric reminds me of vintage sheets (I keep reading people obsess about them for quilts, but just didn't catch the vision until I got this quilt!), some is plaid, some has metallic gold thread, one great dark purple block, some pretty paisleys...oh, and the cute polka-dot fabric??? Love it! Just love it!

I have to admit I have curled up under it already, despite my best intentions to put it in a hope chest for future daughters who will love it. I am afraid those daughters will have a hard time sneaking it from Momma for an occasional snuggle!

So thank you Tina! Here's a cupcake to you for sweetness! Yes, your generosity gets the second Cupcake Award on my blog.

Photo by Kelly Sue DeConnick, used under Creative Commons License

Who else wants some of Tina's sweetness? All you have to do is check out her site at the beginning of October. Her next drawing will be posted on October 6! Hope one of you wins the next one!


Amy said...

That IS hard to pass up. And the cupcake is making me hungry.

Jessica said...

That quilt looks so snuggly and beautiful! I'd have a hard time tucking it away in the hope chest too!

Britt-Arnhild said...

How lucky you were to recieve a beautiful quilt like this. Enjoy it!

One of us Dragonfryes said...

Andrea,Thanks for writing such nice things about the quilt!I am glad you liked it.I am exited to try your soup recipe and the french bread looks so beautiful!I hope you are doing well!Tina Frye