Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to Husbando

(Husbando is Spanish for husband....obviously!)

Today is my hubbie's birthday! In honor of his big day, I am going to share 10, nope 11, favorite random facts about him, all things that I love, even those that I wonder no. 7!

  1. He has subtle, but utterly adorable dimples and crazy curling eyebrow hairs.
  2. He was once a white-water river guide. Talking about it on our first date resurrected teenage fantasies about running away with (rowing away with?) a river guide and solidified my serious interest in him.
  3. When he really laughs, he sometimes busts out a little "Ernie laugh"..."kehehehehe".
  4. He out "movie-trivias" me (which isn't hard to do) but he does it even on MY favorite movies. (p.s. Don't challenge him and his siblings to a movie trivia contest. Unless of course, you like to lose. Badly!)
  5. He's a Spanish-speaking Scot. Every now and then I am lucky enough to get him to whisper sweet nothings to me in Spanish. (note: I never ask for sweet nothings using Scottish vernacular as they might include references to haggis.)
  6. Oh he makes me laugh! laugh! laugh!
  7. Shoe tying is absolutely optional for short excursions.
  8. He listens and listens and listens.....and listens some more.
  9. He is ticklish, but don't you dare tell him I told you as he really doesn't like it. Bummer!
  10. He can cook and iron and clean!!! Thank you Momma Mac! He took care of so many of those things while I was in school. Lucky, lucky girl!
  11. He had hair longer than mine when we first met and I LOVED it. Funny thing is, now I think he just looks smashing with short hair and can't imagine him as a "long haired freaking people", as he used to describe himself.
I love the man he was when I met him and I love the man he is becoming. I am so unbelievably grateful to be married to him. Happy birthday, babe!

p.s. If you don't know the Ernie's a little sample...enjoy!

p.p.s. I think I just figured out one possible explanation for the shoelace thing...perhaps he is avoiding the grave dangers of having shoelaces tied too well when you must engage in a game of chicken on a tractor! He is so smart! I knew there was a reason I loved him more than punch dancing Ren McCormick/Kevin Bacon! Wahoo!


jenny said...

Hope you have a great birthday Ross!

Amy said...

He sounds like a wonderful man and I think you deserve him.

Happy birthday and many many more.

Brynn said...

Crud, I wish I could take the compliment on the amazing job that Heather did on our blog, however credit goes to the gal who did it... So thanks for saying that, I will be sure to pass it on... Oh you have to check out her other stuff at and you will love to see how she "Mixes" !!!! Oh, and HAPPY BIRF-DAY ROSS!!!!

Carol E. said...

What a fun tribute to a great guy! Lucky you to have a super-strong marriage (I do, too - ain't love grand?!). My b-day today, so your hubby and I share the astrological-ness of Libra. Does that mean I am equally as great as he is??