Monday, September 22, 2008

Jump back!

I decided to watch this last night for a bit while I was quilting because I thought I could watch a snippet before we went to a friend's for dinner and then just put it back on the shelf. Both the hubster and I ended up getting hooked and must watch the ending tonight. This is where we stopped it last night. Tell me you know this movie....please...

(Of course that's the VHS box! Gotta have it on VHS!!!)

Yes, Footloose is hands down my all time favorite 80's movie. I don't even know how many times I've seen it and can't tell you all the reasons I love it, but here's a few....
  1. it was filmed less than an hour from where I grew up (so I saw the iconic roller mills where Ren McCormick worked whenever we drove south to visit family) and in my young mind it made this movie mine, personal, close to home
  2. leg-warmers (need I say more?)
  3. the "teaching Willard how to dance" scenes rock
  4. the way the short order cook and waitress and everybody else boogies to the beat at the drive in because they are just SO rock and roll deprived
  5. tractor chicken fights anyone?
  6. the "time to dance"speech in front of the city council (see pic above!)
  7. teenage rebellion fighting against the staid small town patriarchy (but in a "just wanna cut-loose" kinda way of course)
  8. Diane Wiest as the wise and subtle preacher's wife & Sarah Jessica Parker back when she was a just the cute sidekick
  9. Kevin Bacon dancing out his anger...with dance moves that make me think "Flashdance" and scream 80's, but I still love!
  10. and last but not least, the phrase "Jump back!"
Mostly, I think I love it because it is all about longing to dance, loving to move and respond to a beat, wanting to boogie (or groove or slow dance or party) together... and the overwhelming desire we have to celebrate physically, with movement and music.

(Pic of the VHS box up close. Isn't it classic?)

As we left for dinner, hubby and I discussed my undying love for this movie, what gives it staying power and what other 80's movies still rock our world. How 'bout you? What other 80's movies MUST hubby and I add to our library? Votes anyone?


Amy said...

I'm going with Dirty Dancing myself... many of the same reasons though.

Happy Monday to you Andrea.

Kendra Leigh said...

Awesome! My Mia Maid teacher was an extra in that movie (she kicks her feet right in front of the camera while riding in a pack of motorcycles- and then she's also studying on that large outdoor staircase) so I was excited to watch it! I mean, at 14, how many people do you know who have been in a major motion picture?

Kaedi said...

Goonies, of course!